Internal Staff Team Training

The courses on this page are for internal training of the WTK team. Your access will be granted by the admin and they you will be able to access the courses below when signed into your WTK account.

All Team Members

For all team members, start with the basic apps in this section. You will get invites to join the team on these apps when you first join the team. If you don’t have those, let me know and I will be sure to invite you or resend the invites.

All team members will need to train on Trello (Tasks and To-Do app) and Toggl (Time Tracking).

Any team member making calls will need to train on the internet based call site.

Apex Piano

Take these courses if you are working directly with Apex Piano. The Main CRM we use in Apex is the Gazelle app.

WTK Sales

Take these courses if you are working on the WTK Sales team. The main CRM we use for WTK is Copper.