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  1. Hi Eric! I bought30 day challenge, the 8 chords 100 songs for Piano third edition & Modern worship guitar through my son/wife a year back, didn’t play for a while. I was trying to access your play along webpage but won’t open. need help, Rene Estrada

  2. Hi, we bought the 8 chords 100songs book a few years back. 2009 (c) We have a paperbound version and a spiral bound version. We would like to get another spiral bound version if that is possible.

  3. Hi I bought your piano books and DVD & CD already a few years back is there anyway you can include me in your teachings on line? Also you give all this advertisement for guitar, I am only into piano can i get just piano emails somehow?

    Also do you have a Cd of the piano book of songs yet I don’t know half of them so it is hard for me to sing/play them cuz you don’t give the melody only the chords. Either way i am not that good of a player i need much help especially on how the song is sung before i can read and play the chords.

    Help Brenda


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