Seeking Writers for the 8chords Blog

Seeking Writers for the 8chords Blog

Are you a writer or have a desire to write articles or devotions for worship leaders and musicians?  I am currently seeking a new writers to contribute to the weekly blogs on the WorshiptheKing.com blog for 8chords100songs!  If you are interested, please submit a 300-1200 word article for consideration or contact me with your ideas at stuio43cs@gmail.com  All accepted submission will be featured on the blog and on our Facebook page!  You will be provided a space at the bottom to place your web signature, web site or social media site.

WTK provides a wide range of blogs topics including:
Bible Study / Devotionals
Worship Leadership
Audio and Sound Systems
Guitar and Piano for Worship

I write many of the tutorials for guitar and piano and I would really love help developing the sections for worship devotions and worship leadership!   Blog articles don’t have to be long or extremely detailed but should offer good insight into the topic.  Even if you have never written a blog article you could begin writing for 8chords100songs!

Let the writing gears start turning and visit the blog at https://www.worshiptheking.com

Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

Eric Michael Roberts