Worship Team Training All Access Foundations / Lifetime Premium Membership


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  • 12 Month Payment Play (Total $1050)
    • 12 Month Payment Play (Total $1050) $87.50



WTK Easy Payment Plan Available!
12 Monthly Payments of $87.50 (Total Cost $1050)

With this special LIFETIME BUNDLE, you and your church/community will have full access for your whole church for all 5 foundation training bundles plus all of the WTK online lesson and courses including all GOLD lessons and downloads.

  1. Guitar/Voice
  2. Piano/Theory
  3. Drums/Bass
  4. Electric Guitar
  5. Audio/Livestream Tech

Includes Guitar, Voice, Drums, Bass, Piano, Music Theory, Electric Guitar, Audio/Livestream Tech, and Audition Prep Sessions for your whole church!

One Price for Your Whole Church

Pay one price for complete access to the Worship Band Builder course bundle for your entire church!

Each member in your church/community can create their own account to learn and track their progress.

The Foundations course is designed to help you become a proficient player fast.  Follow along with the lessons in these courses and you will be able to achieve your dream of playing on the worship team in a very short amount of time.

Master Pack Includes Includes every foundation bundle available including:

  • Guitar
  • Vocal
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Music Theory
  • Electric Guitar
  • Audio Tech + Livestream
  • Audition Prep Sessions

Includes all Focus Sessions

Each bundle includes a step-by-step courses to teach you the basics along with master classes, downloads and special content to help you achieve success and begin your journey the right way.

Helps Build Lasting Relationships in Your Church

Learning music together really connects people to each other and to the mission of the church. It opens up opportunities for them to develop their gifts for the kingdom. This can be a life changing experience… I know because that is how I started as a young musician. Many of the relationships I started when I was developing my gifts as a worship musician have become lifelong friendships.


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