Piano // Theory Foundations Bundle

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Lifetime Access / Share it with your family and church community!

Extreme value!  Pay one price for each Foundations bundle for you and then you can share your code with your family, and church community.  Simply share your access code with your family and church community and they can each start their own learning account and gain access to the courses in this bundle.  You will receive a PDF with activation codes after your purchase.

Piano Foundations

The Foundations course is designed to help you become a proficient player fast.  Follow along with the lessons in these courses and you will be able to achieve your dream of playing on the worship team in a very short amount of time.
You do not have to learn to read traditional piano music to be a successful piano player.  Learning to play piano for your worship ministry doesn’t have to take a lifetime to learn.  When you learn how to play piano using simple chords and charts, you can start playing the songs you love in just a few months… not years!  I’ll take you step-by-step through this journey and help you learn to play the piano by chords, charts, and ear.

Music Theory Foundations

Don’t be shaking in your boots the next time you have to transpose a song before rehearsal.  Understanding music theory is the first step in gaining confidence as a musician.  I absolutely loved music theory classes in college because I started seeing patterns that helped me make sense of how music worked.  Once I show you key patterns and memory points, you will become a competent and confident musician.

Includes Focus Sessions

Each bundle includes a step-by-step courses to teach you the basics along with master classes, downloads and special content to help you achieve success and begin your journey the right way.

Helps Build Lasting Relationships in Your Church

Learning music together really connects people to each other and to the mission of the church. It opens up opportunities for them to develop their gifts for the kingdom. This can be a life changing experience… I know because that is how I started as a young musician. Many of the relationships I started when I was developing my gifts as a worship musician have become lifelong friendships.


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