One-One-One Coaching – 4 Sessions Per Month

$240.00 / month



Welcome to a unique and individualized one-on-one coaching experience with Eric Roberts from WTK

Sessions can include training for one or all of the following: Guitar (electric and acoustic), Piano, Vocal, Worship Leadership, Audio/Tech

Your one-on-one experience Includes:

  • Four 30-minute one-one-one sessions every month.
  • Recoded playbacks of your lessons uploaded to your student dashboard so you can watch and practice between sessions
  • Access to all WTK core courses
  • Printable digital lesson sheets and WTK materials included
  • Online community
  • Monthly inner circle livestream and playbacks from all past sessions

Learn what you want and at your own pace:

  • Learn exactly what you need to go to the next level and become a completely confident guitar player, piano player, musician, and worship leader.
  • Study and learn the songs you choose each month
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Level up to reach your individual goals
  • Email support anytime between lessons
Things we can cover on GUITAR
  • Scales Moveable shapes
  • Theory technique
  • Song lessons
  • Strumming
  • Rhythm patterns
  • Music theory
  • Nashville number system
  • Capos
  • Playing up the neck
  • Chords and inversions
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Picking and embellishments
  • Gear and setups for performing
  • Play and singing at the same time
  • BONUS:  Vocal training and warmup sessions if requested
Things we can cover on PIANO
  • Playing by ear
  • Reading charts and Nashville Number System
  • Inversions
  • Scales and Arpeggios
  • Theory technique
  • Song lessons
  • Rhythm Patterns
  • Rhythm patterns
  • Music theory
  • Chords and inversions
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Play and singing at the same time
  • BONUS:  Vocal training and warmup sessions if requested
Electric guitar specific sessions:
  • Solos
  • Electric guitar on worship
  • Lead lines for your favorite songs
  • Pedalboard and effects

Worship Leadership Specific Sessions:

  • Building a band
  • Leading worship well
  • Growing your worship team
  • Song selection
  • Leading different styles of worship
  • Audio and Tech


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