Foundation Focus Drum Bundle


Includes 3 Foundation Focus Sessions with Brent and Eric

  1. Play beats in 3 and 6    3/4 and 6/8 time
  2. Self Mix Technique with Brent
  3. Learning and practicing to play with a click


This courses includes three short, precise, and power segments with Eric and Brent.  Each video will help you learn a new concept and focus on a technique that will make you a better drummer.
Play in 3
Playing a beat in 3 and 6 is much different than playing the standard 4 beats you learned in the Foundations Beat One Course.  In this session, you will learn a few extra beats in 3 and 6.
Once you know how to play beats and fills, you need to train your ear to listen and play with dynamics.  Brent’s concept of “self-mixing” will take you from a passable to a powerful player.
Play to a Click
As the drummer, you have to hold everyone together.  Being able to play with a click track is a skill that takes practice but the payoff is huge!  With the rise of tracks being used in the church, playing with a click is a must know skill.  I’m going to show you how to start, how to practice, and how to mix your ears for the click.  You can train yourself to stay dead on with the click track and it starts right here in this session.


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