Electric Guitar Foundations Bundle

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Extreme value!  Pay one price for each Foundations bundle for you and then you can share your code with your family, and church community.  Simply share your access code with your family and church community and they can each start their own learning account and gain access to the courses in this bundle.  You will receive a PDF with activation codes after your purchase.

Electric Guitar Foundations

Playing the electric guitar is very similar to acoustic but you need to know some really specific and cool techniques… I’m taking you through each one and I also show you how to apply them to real songs.  Once you learn these foundational electric guitar techniques, you will feel right at home once you are plugged in!  I focus on worship guitar techniques and rock/blues techniques.  They are so close but the worship style calls for small tweaks.  The great news is you don’t have to be a total shredder to be a really good electric guitar player for worship.  You can apply these techniques to sound totally awesome and have a ton of fun playing electric guitar for your church.
In my focus sessions, I cover my pedal board and the pedals and tricks I use to get a super cool worship tone.

Includes Focus Sessions

Each bundle includes a step-by-step courses to teach you the basics along with master classes, downloads and special content to help you achieve success and begin your journey the right way.

Helps Build Lasting Relationships in Your Church

Learning music together really connects people to each other and to the mission of the church. It opens up opportunities for them to develop their gifts for the kingdom. This can be a life changing experience… I know because that is how I started as a young musician. Many of the relationships I started when I was developing my gifts as a worship musician have become lifelong friendships.


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