You DON't Have to Struggle To Learn Piano

Learn the basics

I show you quickly how to form and switch between the best chord shapes used in Christian and popular music...

Learn the Songs and Techniques

I show you the easy way to count and how to make the piano sound amazing with simple patterns.

Play All Your Favorite Songs!

Once you know 4 chords, you can play any song from WTK Play and sing songbooks.


"It’s somewhat limitless what you can do with 3 or 4 chords. Realistically you can sound out most popular songs with those simple chords"
Noah Back
"One of the things that I learned from Eric was the simplicity of most worship songs and the ease at which they can be played. "
Fred Perkins
"The change came through the course with the simplification of the chords, and the repetition, and the 5 minutes a day… the course really set me off."
Dan Wilhelm
"Now I look at myself playing and leading worship, it’s just like an extension of my hands now to make music and worship God"
Wirt Garcia


What I keep seeing over and over again is that most people fail because they don’t have the right roadmap for success.  I have created the perfect roadmap and it’s my goal to help you learn and become confident playing piano. 

I hear what you are saying “I don’t want this to take forever”  The great news is it won’t take years to get you there.  I can have you playing How Great is Our God with the most popular 4 chord patterns in just a few weeks!  I will help you solidify your skills and be able to play any of the hundreds of songs in my popular Play and Sing Songbook Series.

For it is not your strength, but it is God who is effectively at work in you, bot to will and to work… that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and ability to fulfill your purpose for His good pleasure  Philippians 2:13

Courses in the WTK Piano Pass include:

  • WTK Piano Strumming Method Course 
  • Play Piano by Chords/Ear 1
  • Next Level Piano
  • 10 Song Catapult
  • Christmas Piano
  • Bonus My Music Theory Course
  • Vocal Foundations 
  • Vocal Warmups 
  • Vocal Range Finder

Books and Online Courses

You get the best of both worlds! Follow along in the ebooks, charts and sheets, watch the online videos and use my special lesson plans to take you every step of the way.

Progress Tracking

This is the heart of the program and will help you know exactly what to work on every week.  It helps you navigate the material and is designed with a special check mark system so you can make off each lesson and song you complete.

Interactive Webinars

Ask any question throughout the week and I address them in a live webinar! Also send your video and I will evaluate your progress anytime along the way and at special points in the course

Practice Journal

Download your practice journal or practice sheets to help you log your practice time and keep track of questions and victories along the way!


Most people approach the piano by starting to learn notes on the staff. If you desire to play songs on the piano quickly and play modern popular music, you will need to learn to play by chords. Your ear will begin to develop along the way and you will be able to play melody as well.

Once you learn a few piano chords and open your mind to playing songs without traditional notation, a whole new world will be opened to you! When you see your worship leader on stage singing and playing the piano, he is most likely reading a simple chord chart and playing chord style piano. It is a great skill to be able to read music, but it is not necessary to play great songs on the piano.

How to get started:

First, learn your basic chords and get familiar with switching chords using the pedal. Then, learn techniques to embellish your songs. Once you know a few chords, you can start playing songs!

Believe in yourself and begin to think about the music coming from your heart, not the page. When you do this, you will begin to rely on your ear and your instinct as a musician. I have taught many piano players this method and, even for a trained pianist, it can be a struggle in the beginning. You have to begin to THINK differently about how you approach the piano and songs.

It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or if you have been taking piano lessons since you were 6 years old. Playing piano by chord and ear is a whole new world. But remember, all of the pop performers and worship leaders who play from a chord chart have achieved mastery of this method. Now, it’s your turn!

"I have already learned more in one day than I have with most of the lessons and videos I have purchased to date. I look forward to improving my personal time of worship. God Bless.”
"I tried to learn to play before but always gave up because I thought I couldn't do it. I started your program recently and now I can play about 70 songs!"
Online Student
"I have evaluated every Christian self-study music program on the market. Your course is the most structured and easiest to follow. I am teaching my 4 homeschool kids using your programs"​
Homeschool Dad
Teaching 4 Kids



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