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A note from the author and teacher:

After leading worship with my band for the church one morning, I realized that I was leading week after week and only using a handful of easy chords.  I wasn’t going to make my students struggle with hard-to-play chords and concepts while I was making a full time salary playing 4 or 5 chords.  That’s when I developed this revolutionary system for you!

Sure, you CAN make it complicated, but it’s much EASIER to use my simple modern chords and focus on the more important aspects of leading the band and worship. The last worship conference I attended in Nashville I watched one of the worship leaders (he had recently won songwriter of the year) lead a full worship set with only 4 chords!  He went from song to songs and never changed from those 4 modern chords!  It was AWESOME!  It works for the PROS and it will work for YOU!

There has to be MORE right???  YES! I have a university degree in Music Education and I teach you all of the music theory and the popular music concepts in a comprehensive step-by-step way! BUT, you begin playing great worship songs in the FIRST WEEK!   If you have always wanted to play but have been frustrated with hard-to-learn lessons, guitar store music teachers and hard-to-read guitar books that get you nowhere… You have finally found the place to learn and play the songs you love AND learn it ALL along the way!

It’s about more than strumming and singing… it’s about worship.  Let me know if you have any questions and God bless you on your journey!

Worship Leader and Guitar Teacher
Eric Michael Roberts, BA Music Education



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