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Chords and Scales

Learn the best and easiest forms of chords used in popular music and scales and patterns to help strengthen your fingers. I want you to be confident playing runs and scales within songs and be able to play all over the keyboard with ease.

Play and Sing

You only need a few chords and patterns to play and lead worship from piano. Plus, I'll help you increase your dexterity, scales, and speed so you can sound like a pro! Learn to play the piano by chord and ear using my simple rhythm patterns method and the play and sing songbooks.

Rhythm Patterns

I created a whole new way to notate and teach modern piano with chords and rhythm patterns. We will cover this method and apply it to your playing so you can sit down and play any song with simple patterns and be able to create your own improvisation and embellishments using simple patterns.


Playing Song You Love, Improving Technique, Chords (all the tricks and tips), Gaining Confidence Playing Live, Patterns and Rhythm, Music Theory, Musicianship, Singing and Leading Worship from Piano, Songwriting and music production (for those interested)

Go to the next level on your instrument and become a confident musician. I’ll help you overcome any weakness in your playing or music knowledge and become the best player you can be.

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