New Next Level Piano Coming Soon

New Next Level Piano Coming Soon

When I started 8chords100songs in 2004, it was a GUITAR program!  Since our launch of the Modern Worship Piano Success Kit in 2009, we have made a huge splash in the modern worship piano lesson category.  It really is a very popular instrument and there are not enough programs and lesson available for the piano that teach how to play using chords and charts.  So thank you to all of the new PIANO students who have joined 8chords100songs.com over the past 4 years.  Our first Piano course is very basic and teaches simple chords and helps train the ear to play melodies WITHOUT the written notes!   If you waited until you were in your teens or later to start leaning note reading skills, it is very difficult to catch up but with the proper theory and ear training, you can play hundreds of songs with simple piano chords!  Yes!  That’s what everyone loves to hear.  Anyway, I am expanding the piano section of the site and blog to meed the demands of the growing student base.  Plus many of our students are just ready for more!  So here is comes…. the NEXT LEVEL piano course is being drafted and the studio is being prepared.  I am going to be releasing some great FREE videos to go along with the 8chords100songs songbook for piano over the next month and then the NEXT LEVEL will be released!

You have seen me vamp and improvise and play some great riffs on youtube and on my blog and now I am going to drill down into exactly how I am doing it….. I learned it all by ear so this is quite challenging but I am about to make it happen for you!

Keep an eye on the Play Along Page and YouTube Channel over the next few weeks and months!

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