Music helps tell the greatest story at Christmas


Melodies that will never grow old and ring out over hundreds of years of history remind us of a King that was born to save humanity.  And what a privilage that we share in singing them and playing them on modern instruments every year.  Before I gave my heart to Christ at age 17, I attended Christmas services, opened presents and was, like most, wrapped up in the idea of getting great stuff for Christmas.  That is all good, but I have a fresh perspective on this whole story now.  I actually struggle every Christmas when our whole society cranks up for sales and shopping and get togethers because I feel like we are missing one of the most important elements of Christmas…. a relationship with Jesus.  A real personal realationship that makes us understand the story of Christmas in a clear way.  This year, when you hear that story conveyed through music and singing and in every other way, remember Christ.  Stop and reflect on how blessed we are to have been rescued by Him and set free to understand God in a personal way.  Sing some of your favoirte Christmas songs, play them on guitar, use them for worship and remember the story.  If you need easy to play Christmas songs, you can get many of them from my new songbook.