Moveable Chords Private Lesson

I know the struggle…

I have seen hundreds of private students come in with great struggles to play the moveable chords! I know how to fix it in just 1 hour. Once you see my techniques and practice to strengthen your hand, you can play those chords with NO PROBLEMS!!!!

In fact, it doesn’t take so much pressure and pain to play those barre chords.   Get it now!

And nobody has ever shown you this…

That’s right, just move your hand a bit and use my hand posture tips and you can play these chord too.

You can play all the C#minor chords you need and you can play any chord at many different positions on the neck once you use my easy method for memorizing the entire neck in just an hour!

You can spend HUNDREDS with your private teacher trying to figure this out and never really fully understand it like you will with my simple approach and easy-to-learn hand techniques!  Let me help you make it easy!

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