Ministry Scholarship / Thank You / APPLICATION REVIEW

Thank you for your interest and for reaching out.  I have created hundreds of tutorials and lessons over the past 20+ years and the one thing that keeps driving me to create, to never give up, is hearing stories about people who picked up a guitar and started using their talent for God.  It’s our highest calling and I am blessed to be a part of that with you.  

How the Ministry Scholarship “Choose Your Price” works: 
Choose any price you can afford and checkout.  If you have no funds to pay for membership, you will select $0 and you will not 
be required to enter any credit card or payment information.  

Application Review: 
My team is reviewing your application and will respond within about 24 hours.  When approved, you will be sent a link to enroll 
with the “Choose Your Price” option so you can begin study and pay only what you can afford.