Ministry Scholarship / Thank You / APPLICATION REVIEW

Thank you for your interest and for reaching out.  I have created hundreds of tutorials and lessons over the past 20+ years and the one thing that keeps driving me to create, to never give up, is hearing stories about people who picked up a guitar and started using their talent for God.  It’s our highest calling and I am blessed to be a part of that with you.  

How the Ministry Scholarship “Choose Your Price” works: 
All plans are paid monthly so you will need a credit card to make the payment.   Minimum payment for any plan is just $2.00 per month. 
If $2 a month is not in your budget, please send an email via the contact form and I will unlock an account with no payment method for $0

Application Review: 
My team is reviewing your application and will respond within about 24 hours.  When approved, you will be sent a link to enroll 
with the “Choose Your Price” option so you can begin study and pay only what you can afford. 

Ministry scholarships are for individual single user accounts.  If you are a church/denomination/group looking for team pricing, please contact me for licensing.