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Hello WTK member!  I am adding new content daily and I am excited that you are here!

First, download your Free guitar charts below!


Free Chord and Scale Reference Chart!

Get your free ref chart now!


All the important chords and charts on one sheet!  Includes movable chords and a few great scales plus a notes on the neck diagram and other theory charts.  Put it with your guitar and keep it close.  Click on the links below to download to your computer and print!

Chord and Scale Ref Chart Front

Chord and Scale Ref Chart Back

The 8 chords are G, C D, Em, A, Am, Bm, F#m and you can play all of these without using a barre chords.


Free Piano Chord Chart

Click Here to Download and Print the Free Piano Chord Sheet Download

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 2.35.29 PM

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