Leading Worship for a “Bunch of 2 Year Olds”

Leading Worship for a “Bunch of 2 Year Olds”

Student Question:
Just want to say thanks so much for your 8 chords program. I’ve been asked to play guitar and teach songs for a bunch of 2 year olds during sunday school. I was hoping you could give me some recommendations for songs to play that would hold their attention and be easy for them to learn. I don’t really know what might be appropriate for this age, but I don’t see me holding their attention for more than 5 or 10 minutes a week. I think this is all that is expected of me though. I’m hoping to teach them the words and get them to clap along, but if you’ve got any other ideas how to keep their attention, I’d appreciate hearing that too. – Thanks! Justin

I have an 8 month old and I’ve been around those little 2 year olds too! Just jump around a lot and wear bright colors. Seems like the more puppets you have the better and act like a total dork and you will be just fine……… HA!

That’s what my friend does who is a children’s entertainer. Seems to work for him. In fact, some of the songs in my songbook are from a Children’s album that we recorded in 2008 call The Pinwheel Praise House. Check out the kids section in the Strum Along Page

It should be SHORT whatever you do. Todd Anderson, a professional children’s entertainer, says you can hold the attention of a kids group like this for about 5 minutes… if you are really good!

This should get you started with very easy to play children’s songs.  If any students out there have experience with this feel free to chime in on the comments section here on this post.

(The picture is of me and my little boy, August, at age 7months! Not quite 2 years old yet but he already loves the music.

Eric and August
This is my little boy August at 7 months!

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  1. I am a toddler teacher at a preschool and have worked with toddlers at church as well. I used the songs from the guitar song book at church with kids todler to grade school age.
    The song God is so good is a great song to start out with toddlers. The best advise I have for you would be to have a few songs picked out ahead of time aand have them memorized. Always sing at least one song everyweek they’d love repitition like reading favorite bo ok over and over.

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