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Once you can play a few chords and strumming patterns, you can use our songbooks and easy charts to successfully lead worship for small groups, youth group, and even the big church! The foundations courses will help you get started and gain the confidence you need to become a part of the worship ministry in your church and community.

Singing is one of the most powerful things we do as worshipers. Joining the worship team and leading with your voice takes skill, talent, and practice. We help you learn the most important things including how to warm up, how to sing in the right keys, and how to be a part of the worship team so you can have success as a worship vocalist and use your gifts for God.

You do not have to learn to read traditional piano music to be a successful piano player. Learning to play piano for your worship ministry doesn’t have to take a lifetime to learn. When you learn how to play piano using simple chords and charts, you can start playing the songs you love in just a few months… not years! 

Don’t be shaking in your boots the next time you have to transpose a song before rehearsal. Understanding music theory is the first step in gaining confidence as a musician. Once I show you key patterns and memory points, you will become a competent and confident musician.

Brent Nusbaum and Eric Roberts teach you how to play beats and fills, read and interpret drum music, read charts, and play with a click track. Follow along in fun step-by-step sessions and you will gain the skills you need to become a successful worship drummer for your local church or ministry.

Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques that you need to begin your journey to becoming a great bass player. Once you complete the sessions in the bass bundle, you will know all your notes on the bass neck, be able to read and play along with any chord chart, and have the skills needed to join your worship team. 

Playing the electric guitar is very similar to acoustic but you need to know some really specific and cool techniques… I teach you each of the important foundations of electric guitar technique and show you how to apply them to real songs. Once you learn these foundational electric guitar techniques, you will feel right at home once you are plugged in!

The sound person is one of the most important parts of the band but is often overlooked. The audio tech sessions are taught from behind the mixer and focus on the foundations of audio including: gear, stage and system sound setup, effects (EQ, Compression, Reverb), and improving the audio for your livestream. I will teach you how to become the kind of mixer every worship leader dreams of and help you learn the skills needed to be a successful church audio technician.

Learn to lead worship well and build your team with less stress.  Sessions with Eric and Emily Roberts will help you define and reach your goals while building a strong and successful worship ministry and leading it well. 


Access to the Play and Sing song sessions, all the GOLD song sessions (over 60 songs with 5 learning levels) special charts plus access to all premium WTK courses, downloads, and webinars and quick easy teacher feedback if you ever get stuck.

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