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4 Chords, 10 Songs, 30 Days!

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I am very excited to offer the new line of WTK courses online and New Home Study Course Success Kits are back!!!

Click Here for Worship Guitar Home Study Course!

Click Here for Worship Piano Home Study Course!

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4 thoughts on “New Online Courses!”

  1. Hi all, I am just new on here, and seeking some help regarding the new piano course, which of course i am interested in, however there just isnt enough material, no sample to show me whether this is suitable for me or not. Has anyone bought this piano course and if so, how is it? I am buying from Japan and so i am not really up to buying something, then out of lack of satisfaction sending it back again. I have a dream of playing worship for my very small church, we have no musician so therefor I desire to play the piano but have given up in the past because i just dont have the time to learn these worship songs note by note because i am a busy mother of 3, oh but i so want to play SOMETHING! help!

    • The piano course is the first DVD to get you started playing chords by ear and playing worship songs by ear and with chords. It is simple, Course 1. You could know how to read music and play classical piano but still struggle with chord charts and playing by ear. This course address that issue and give you a start. It is very simple and covers the major scales in G C D and the major chords in those same three keys with some simple melody by ear training. This course may not be for you if you can already follow a lead sheet with piano chords in your left hand and play simple worship songs by ear. BUT, if you need a start and need to jump over those hurdles in music and learn to play songs with easy chords and by EAR, this is a great place to start!

      The songs in the course are the same as the songs in the songbook for the guitar and they are not lead sheet style. They are lyrics and chords, much like what every worship team member will get each week in a working worship band.

  2. i am really interested in the piano course, to learn to play for my small church,however i have no idea if the course is suitable for me.? I think it would be helpful if there were a sample which i could try my hand at to know whether it suits me or not. The piano video just isnt enough for me to know whether i want to buy it or not. Can anyone tell me what the piano course is like????

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