This is a complete list of the songs in the Easy Chord Worship Guitar Series by level!

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Level 1

These songs can be played with a simple pattern and a few basic chords! If you are just starting out, try these first! They will help boost your confidence right away.

Agnus Dei – A great song to start with includes a basic strumming pattern with 3 simple chords! G C and D. Very easy to play right away!

How Great is Our God – Basic strumming with 4 chords… and the flip technique

Amazing Grace – Basic Hymn with 3 Chords but I add a modern strum pattern

Blessed Be Your Name – 4 simple chords and an easy strumming pattern

Mighty to Save – 4 simple chords and an easy strumming pattern at a slow tempo to help you change chords

Everlasting God – 4 simple chords and an easy strumming pattern

10,000 Reasons – One simple pattern with 4 chords using a flip. I use a capo in this lesson!

Holiness (Take My Life) Vineyard Tune – With just 3 chords and a simple flip pattern you can master this song. I add in a really cool hammer-on type strumming technique at the end!

Level 2

Songs that can be played with one or two simple patterns and a few chords with lots of repetition. I may add in a special technique in the end but you can sound great pretty easy.

Lord I Lift Your Name On High – Very simple strumming for this great song!

Our God – 5 chords and two simple strumming patterns. There is a bit of a trick to getting the bridge rhythm right!

God of Wonders – One pattern and 4 chords and you can play this really popular song. I add some flips and a accent pattern that make it interesting.

Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin – One simple pattern throughout this song but it has a few accents and I give you a bonus ending but it is pretty simple to master this song and sound really good.

God Bless America – I play the whole song with the same simple picking pattern and I give you a really basic way to just strum it too.

Every Move I Make – This song is in level 2 because it has a faster strumming pattern. You can play the whole song with the same 4 chord pattern and the same strumming pattern.

Hungry – Use a simple strumming pattern and play this song while practicing the flip technique

In Christ Alone – This is a rare lesson that has two levels depending on where you are in your learning…. LEVEL 2 with a simple strum / LEVEL 5 with a picking pattern

Level 3

Uses easy chords but I add some special touches to make them sound really cool. I may add some picking or suspensions in to these songs.

Open Up the Heavens (L3 and L4) – I have a simple level 3 strum and harder level 4 pattern in this lesson

Good Good Father by Christ Tomlin – One strumming pattern and you you sound great playing this song!

Forever Reign – Mixing a simple accent pattern with some syncopation and picking optional

You Are My King – You learn a cool running bass note pattern in this Eureka Park original song and you can also use a simple strum pattern.

How He Loves Us – Use a 6/8 time signature and a strum and picking pattern.

The Heart of Worship – Learn a simple picking pattern that makes this and other songs sound great!

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – There is a simple version here too but I show you how to use a cool easy picking pattern to play the verses and then use a strumming pattern on the chorus.

Soul of Fire by Third Day – I use some palm mute but mostly the same strumming pattern throughout.

Breathe – I use some slash chords like D/F# to create some running bass patterns. Easy chords G C D and Em with the added D/F# The strumming pattern is very simple.

Forever – Using chords D G A and Bm… I put the palm mute to use and show you how to play some cool rhythmic builds.

How Great Thou Art (Hymn) – Uses an intro and outro riff with hammer-ons inside chords but has a pretty simple strumming.

Your Grace is Enough – A cool pattern and a simple picking in the pre-chorus make this a good song to practice strumming and picking together

Revelation Song – You can use a simple strum through this song or use my easy picking pattern in the verses to make it sound really nice

Here I Am To Worship – You can play with the strumming or use my cool little picking pattern.  It’s a good pattern to learn and you can use it on many songs.

Level 4

Strumming and syncopation that may challenge your strumming hand and could have a picking pattern or easy riff.

Great Are You Lord – Mix strumming and picking with this song

Open Up the Heavens (L3 and L4) – I have a simple level 3 strum and harder level 4 pattern in this lesson

I Surrender All (Hymn) – Here is a hymn with a modern twist and a cool strumming pattern. It is very repetitive but uses some internal hammer-ons and chord ad-ons plus I add a picking section at the end which make it a level 4 lesson.

My Jesus I Love Thee – 2 simple syncopated strumming patterns but it moves pretty fast and has a hammer on inside the chord pattern which make this a level 4 but I do show a really simple pattern too!

I Saw New – A testimony song with a syncopated picking pattern

Enough by Chris Tomlin – I add a simple strumming and picking pattern together on this song

Oceans by Hillsong – A pretty basic strumming pattern but it moves a bit fast and mixes a few patterns together with little syncopation.

One Thing Remains – A simple strum and picking pattern mixed together and uses selective strumming

Days of Elijah – A fast syncopated pattern make this a little harder but will help develop your fast strumming. If you struggle with faster patterns this is a perfect lesson to tackle.

In The Secret – Are you ready to really speed it up and use some awesome syncopation? In this lesson I show you how to get smoking fast with your strumming pattern and I add accents and syncopation. I slow it down so you can get it right!

We Fall Down – A syncopated type of picking pattern helps you add a little sizzle to this song.

Indescribably (Tomlin) – A bit of syncopation and strumming

What a Friend We Have in Jesus – A rhythmic picking pattern (and bonus strumming/picking together) make this hymn modern and fun to play.

Level 5

This is the hardest level and may contain syncopation, picking and even a cool riff to learn along with the song.

Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli – It’s just one picking pattern but it takes a little practice to get it right!

My Savior My God by Aaron Shust – This song has a really cool intro riff that forces you out of the box of the basic open chords and has a slightly strange syncopated verse pattern which make it a little hard to sing and play but I show you step by step in this level 5 lesson.

Enough by Chris Tomlin – I add a simple strumming and picking pattern together on this song

Because He Lives by Matt Mahr – I use a picking in the verse and some syncopation in the chorus which make this a bit challenging especially when you try to pick and sing together.

This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham – An intro riff that uses suspensions, palm muting and some syncopation make this a level 5 lesson.

Blessed Be Your Name – I use palm mute, syncopation and teach 3 different techniques including strumming and picking together which make this a level 5 song lesson.

Made New by Lincoln Brewster – A bit faster strumming and I have added a really cool picking intro and some syncopation in the strumming which make this a level 5 song lesson.

Are You Washed in the Blood – Cool palm mute and syncopated rhythm pattern for an old hymn.

Nearer My God to Thee – A cool picking rhythm with an old hymn

In Christ Alone – This is a rare lesson that has two levels depending on where you are in your learning…. LEVEL 2 with a simple strum / LEVEL 5 with a picking pattern

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