Free GOLD Song Lesson – OCEANS

This is an example of the GOLD song lessons.  I have over 60 songs lessons like this waiting for you in my GOLD membership.  They start at level 1 and go to level 5 so you can start easy and get better and better as you go.  (CLICK HERE! to see a list of the songs)

  • There is a song demonstration video and 3 separate video lessons and charts for OCEANS!
  • Use the demonstration video to play along with once you are confident in the techniques and chords.
  • This lesson is beginner/intermediate because of the syncopation in the strumming pattern.

VIDEO 1 – Song Demonstration

Note: I like to sing it a little better with capo on the 2nd fret, that’s how I play it on YouTube.

Break it down

Bridge Section