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Hopelessness does not have to last forever.  You can be free from the thing that is holding you back.  God wants you free and he has already created your path to freedom.  

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Todd Anderson is a Spirit-filled Bible teacher and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Todd’s approach to deliverance ministry is very different from most “deliverance ministers.” Todd believes that much of what has traditionally been taught in regards to deliverance is based on theological myths, and has resulted in putting believers in even more bondage. Todd’s extensive study into deliverance came directly from God’s Word, not more books about deliverance. His ministry vision is to bring freedom to those who are bound and broken. He brings a fresh approach to the deliverance ministry and has seen many individuals miraculously set free by the power of God! 

Readers say

I love the way this book lays out a path to fight temptation and grab ahold of your freedom.

Hailey Eakins

I believe this is the best book written on the topic of freedom and I highly recommend every Christian read it today!

Eric Roberts

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