How to mic your drum set tips and techniques

I have provided some important tutorials on using mics on your drums and making them sound great. Click on the post to see the free videos in this series. How to mic your drum set with 3 simple mics How to mic a drum set with 8 mics Tips to mic your snare drum How … Read more

A simple way to setup your band on your mixer

It is important to use the same arrangement of instruments on the mixer so that you can train and mix easily.  You can use the same arrangement in your main house and in the youth building.  In this video, you will see the basic setup that I use and then customize it for your band.  … Read more

Make Your Electronic Drums Sound Great

Many churches are using electonic drums and that is something that is just reality! I grew up playing “real” drums and I do not personally like playing the electronic drums and I have developed a tightness and pain in my wrist because of these drum kits.  (more on that later) BUT… there is one huge … Read more

Tech Series: Setting Gain Part 1

To be an effective worship leader/guitar player/team leader, you must understand every aspect of all systems in play on your team.  Why wait for a highly trained and dedicated team to do it for you?  Plus, you may be up there someday and have to train someone to set a gain.  You can’t make beautiful … Read more