Learn the mystery behind suspension chords

For guitar players and piano players!  In this video, I show you the three types of suspension chords and how to properly name them.  This will help you understand the role of suspension and when to call a chord a suspension or just a chord with an added note (example: C2)   There are 3 … Read more

Learn the basics of building simple triads (chords)

This is the foundation of every chord!  If you really want to understand how to build chords and use all types of chords like suspensions, 7ths and altered chords, you need to grasp the concept of building simple triads.  This is the Major and Minor triad being built in the key of C.  Click the … Read more

New Music Theory Tutorial – Harmonize the Major Scale and Nashville Numbers

Click post to watch the 2 new videos!  Learn to put chords together in the Major Scale and use the easy Nashville Number System!  These 2 videos are free music theory tutorials to help you begin to understand chord progression and the number system!  Once you understand how chords are set up and work together … Read more