Fred Perkins – A new worship leader experience

Fred Perkins – A new worship leader experience

Story from a student who is now leading worship:

Leading worship yesterday was a monumental life moment for me. Please allow me a little reflection and testimony.

After already being part of the P&W team for a couple of years, I felt God’s call to be a worship leader about two years ago. Truthfully, I felt kind of like Abraham and Caleb who were called to perform specific tasks for the lord at an age when most people would consider that God would not use them for anything new. I am much older than everyone else on the P&W team, my voice is average, my guitar skills are minimal and my fingers to play that guitar don’t work as well as they used to. So, I wondered, why God would call me to do such an important task when there is already ample and adequate younger talent in the CCA body. I still wonder. Still.

So, in a meeting with Eric I expressed this calling. He confirmed this without reservation and went to work to train me musically, emotionally and spiritually to fulfill God’s direction.

Sometimes it was a real challenge to accomplish some of the things he asked me to do in all three of these areas. I struggled with some things I thought should be different. However, Eric was committed to “training me up” to be a better musician, band leader and man than I was before we started. I was committed to his leadership and instructions. We hung in together.

Yesterday, after four years total on the team and two years of instruction, came the first fulfillment of that call I received two years ago. It could not have happened without each of you.

Paul, John, Darryl, Jessica, Brent, Manny and Josh, thanks to each of you individually and as a group to the support you provided me yesterday in fulfilling what I believe to be obedience to God’s calling to become a worship leader.

Thank you to the whole Praise & Worship family at CCA. Whether you realize it or not, each one of you has taught me something valuable that I took to the platform yesterday. Each of you.

I am forever grateful to God for His call putting me into service this way, to Eric for his patience and diligence to mentor and mold me regardless of my age, and to the whole P&W family for always making me feel like part of the team regardless of my idiosyncrasies.

It is a privilege to be part of what we all do – being fully committed with our whole life to bring God the praise and worship He alone is due.

Serving the Master,
Fred Perkins


UPDATE:  Fred took over at my last church when I moved to another position and he led the teams as a volunteer four about 5 more years.  

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