Guitar Catapult Week 5

Wow!  Here are song number 9 and 10!  Both of these songs are pretty fast songs.  They will require you to dig down deep and use all of your skills.  Don’t worry, you can start slow and build up to tempo!  There are many more songs and lessons in the 8chords100songs Songbook that you can play with the chords you know right now!

Playing Blessed Be Your Name

Download Blessed Be Your Name Chord Chart



Playing Everlasting God

Download Everlasting God Chord Chart


Want to go further?

Want your songs to sound even better?  You can learn some of my simple but awesome picking and strumming techniques and go even further with my Next Level Course!

1 thought on “Guitar Catapult Week 5”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that the chord sheets for 9 and 10 are the same. They are both #9.

    I have enjoyed and learned a lot from your lessons.


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