Guitar Catapult Week 3

By now you should be feeling comfortable switching chords without breaking the rhythm and you should be able to keep your eyes on the music! By not looking at your chord hand, you can focus on the music and play the chords by memory! Here are two more great songs. Don’t worry about adding embellishments at this point… that will come soon!


Your Love Remains Chord Chart


Mighty to Save Chord Chart



2 thoughts on “Guitar Catapult Week 3”

  1. Really blessed by all the songs chord charts and instruction. The hardest part for me is getting and keeping the right rythem. Can you recommend any metronomes?
    In Christ,

    • Mark, I have a simple metronome app on my iphone. You can get any basic metronome from the guitar center or local music shop for about $19.99 Easy metronome apps are only $0.99 God Bless! – Eric Roberts

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