Climbing the Hillside

By Emily Roberts When Jesus saw his ministry drawing huge crowds, he climbed a hillside. Matthew 5:1 MSG When I first read this, I thought Jesus was trying to get to a place where everyone could hear him.  As I read on, I realized that was not the case. Those who were apprenticed to him, … Read more

Jesus Takes Last

By Emily Roberts Jesus made himself last, didn’t he?  Even when He was born, everyone else got a bed in the inn.  He took the feeding trough in the barn.  No palace on earth would have been deserving of His presence, and yet He made His point of entry on this earth a shelter built … Read more

Leading Worship for a “Bunch of 2 Year Olds”

Eric and August

Student Question: Just want to say thanks so much for your 8 chords program. I’ve been asked to play guitar and teach songs for a bunch of 2 year olds during sunday school. I was hoping you could give me some recommendations for songs to play that would hold their attention and be easy for … Read more

Awesome way to read the whole book of Psalms every month

At a worship conference when I was 18, I found a great way to read the Psalms from an older worship leader.  I am sharing it with you because it changed the way I led worship and the way I viewed God.  During that time, I read the Psalms over and over again and it … Read more

How to pick your worship team

This is one of the most important things you are going to do as you build your worship ministry.  As a leader, you will be left with this great responsibility.  These waters are often murky and hard to navigate but with some core values you can pick a strong  team and keep it growing.  I … Read more

Church Story – Red Door Church of Cincinnati

I had the chance to meet the pastor of this church last Sunday when he spoke at my church.  This church is doing great things and has a unique model for reaching out to the community.  Watch the video and check out their site by clicking on the picture! As worship leaders and church members, … Read more